I would like to take a moment to publicly thank the management team and support staff at Lone Star Living on Westbrae Pkwy in Houston for their tireless work efforts and resolve to keep the residents safe, well fed, and reassured during these severe weather conditions in Houston.

As a physically challenged 69 year old resident, I couldn't ask for any more than all that's been put forth.

Paul A Coonts

My name is Dottie. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and what brought me to Westbrae Court Retirement Community. A number of years ago, way before I thought it was necessary, my daughters and my primary care physicians decided I needed to move to a “HOME”. At the young age of 60, and as a former Marine, I was not ready to give up my independence and move into a quote unquote home.My family used a referral service to locate the “HOME” they wanted to put me into. My daughters chose a Holiday Retirement Community that they believed to be the best community for me at a price we could afford. In August of 2011, I moved into a Holiday Retirement Facility in Spring, TX. Read More

There is a refreshing in this community. Upon visiting the first time, the manager, Dana Goss, was exceptionally courteous and displayed love. I could feel joy and peace. I could feel the presence of God. I knew immediately that Westbrae Court was the home for me. Upon moving in, I realized I was in the minority and did i expect to be able to blend with the other nationalities, but everyone is very friendly. The residents watch out for me as well as their comrades. Read More